The object of the pension fund is to engage in pension fund activities for BSc's and MSc's in Engineering, others holding a diploma equivalent to a MSc in Engineering and persons holding a bachelor degree which entitles to membership of the Danish Society of Engineers. 

Life annuity Annuity certain Endowment policy Retirement insurance
Payment Lifelong A minimum of 10 years Lump sum Lump sum
Tax deduction Fully deductible
No maximum
Fully deductible Payment cannot be made No deduction
Tax Taxable Taxable Fee Tax-exempt

DIP also admits employees in companies etc. that to a greater extent employ persons who meet the conditions for being a member of the pension fund according to the above-mentioned. At the same time, it is a condition that the company has entered into a company agreement with the pension fund. The Board determines the rules for entering into such agreements and settles cases of doubt.

DIP provides retirement, disability, spouse's and children's pension as well as annuity certain, pension life cover and retirement insurance.

Futhermore, the pension fund provides group life, group disability and group accident insurance as well as insurance against certain criticall illnesses. 

Finally, the pension fund offers a health insurance.