Health insurance

We offer a health insurance through Mølholm Forsikring who guarantees quick treatment if you fall ill or get injured. 

The insurance covers examination and treatment of injuries, illneses and sufferings at a medical specialist or professional practioner for you and your children under the age of 24. Filed injuries are always handled within 1-2 work days which gives you a quick outline of your possibilities .  

If you have questions to the health insurance, you can contact Mølholm Forsikring on 6520 6120.

You can read the insurance terms here

What does the insurance cover

Physical treatment

  • Examination and surgery at a medical specialist*
  • Physiotherapy*
  • Chiropractic
  • Occupational therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropody
  • Reflexology
  • Dietician*
  • Substance abuse treatment*

Psychological treatment

The health insurance also offers the possibility of psychological treatment. At the same time, it is assessed how quick you need help. This is done to give you the treatment that meets you needs. 

Above-mentioned possibilities of treatment are classified into standard needs*, urgent needs* and emergency needs. 

*This requires a referral from you GP.

How to get help?

If you fall ill or get injured, you must complete a claim form which you can find here

You can also call Mølholm Forsikring on 6520 2120, then one of their skilled nurses or case workers will complete the claim form for you.

If you need immediate psychological crisis counselling outside opening hours, you can contact Falck Healthcare on 7010 2012. Remember to inform them that you are a customer with Mølholm Forsikring.

Before you contact Mølholm Forsikring

Before you contact Mølholm Forsikring, you must in some som cases have a referral from your GP stating your need for treatment.  

If you have questions

If you have questions to cover, claim form or the like, please contact Mølholm Forsikring on 6520 2120

Registration and price

Price: The annual premium accounts for (exclusive of a 1.1 percent government tax) DKK 1,791 in 2019.

Registration: You can register for the healh insurance here