Retirement insurance

On Regulations 3 and 4, you can opt for a retirement insurance which is a savings scheme paid as a lump sum. If you die before the retirement sum has been paid to you, the sum is paid to your next of kin.

The retirement insurance can be paid when you reach age 60 and at age 75 at the latest. Payments to the retirement insurance are not tax deductible, however, there is no tax charge when you have the sum paid.

On Regulations 4, your have the possibility of choosing between three investment profiles – Aktiemax, DIP Vælger and Obligationsmax respectively. Interest is payable at the rate of the pre-tax return of the chosen investment profile.

Investment profiles

In 2017, you can pay up to DKK 29,600 to the retirement insurance. Payment cannot be made through your employer - only as private contributions.