Temporary disability pension

You can take out an insurance against temporary disability pension. The insurance requires that you were admitted to DIP after 1 January 2011, or you have changed your pension scheme recently and have become subject to Regulations 4 (on Min pension you can see which Regulations you are subject to). Besides the fact that you must be subject to Regulations 4 it is also a condition for taking out an insurance against temporary disability pension:

  • that you are not subject to a collective agreement between a public employer and the Danish Society of Engineers - IDA
  • that you are not receiving pension benefits
  • that you are not exempted from paying pension contributions
  • that you are not subject to a High savings pension scheme. 

Maximum payment period of 36 month

Temporary disability pension is paid monthly for a maximum period of 36 months (following a provision period of 6 months) if you become ill or have an accident resulting in your ability to work as an engineer being reduced temporarily with at least 50 %. The provision period is calculated form the first after the notification of illness. 

When you receive temporary disability pension, DIP maintains your pension covers. However, this does not apply to possible savings schemes. 

You can choose up to 80 % of your salary

  • You can choose a temporary disability pension of up to 80 % of your salary. On Min pension you can calculate the consequences of a possible change. All income taxed at source and income not taxed at source as well as all social benefits are set off against the temporary disability pension. The pension is taxed as personal income.
  • After age 60 the cover does no longer apply unless it already is under payment. This means that you must have been granted the pension and have received the first payment no later than at age 59 and 11 months.
  • If DIP and your employer have entered into a so-called "employer provision", the pension is paid to your employer who will retain your employment.