Investment costs (ÅOK/ÅOP)

DIP has focus on the investment costs as they are important for the development of the members’ pension with time. Specifically, it means that DIP must strive to invest through cooperation, structures and asset groups generating as low investment costs as possible in consideration of the objective to achieve the highest possible expected return after costs.

All pension providers must calculate two separate key figures showing the annual costs related to the pension scheme. The costs are calculated in DKK and as a percentage, respectively:

  • Annual costs in monetary terms DKK (ÅOK) show the administration costs related to the pension scheme and the costs related to investing the money.
  • Annual costs as a percentage (ÅOP) show the costs as a percentage of the size of the deposit.

The two key figures are a supplement to the costs that DIP must disclose in i.e. the annual report, and they make it easier to compare costs.

DIP has some of the lowest investment costs on the market. The rate of cost for each of the three investment profiles is:

  • Aktiemax: 0.7 %
  • DIP Vælger: 0.7 %
  • Obligationsmax: 0.3 %