3. We pay one of the highest interest rates

DIP’s active investment strategy has made the pension fund able to pay one of the highest interest rates of the pension sector. This means that DIP can afford to maintain an active and long-term investment strategy, which is the basis for creating favourable returns to your benefit.

1. We know engineers

We have specialized in advising engineers giving you maximum profit of savings contributions. When we advise you on your pension savings it is an advantage that we understand each other. DIP has provided pensions to engineers since 1953, so we know engineers and their needs and requirements to a pension scheme. Accordingly, we can target our advisory services and conditions so they meet your requirements.

2. We have low costs

DIP has some of the lowest costs of the pensions industry and is generally less expensive than the big commercial pension companies in respect of total member costs. This applies to all members whether employed in a small or large company and whether contribution payments are made by your employer or yourself. Thus, if you get a new job, you can continue your DIP pension scheme on the same conditions.

4. We distribute the entire surplus to the members

DIP is owned and managed 100 % by the members.  There are no shareholders taking their part of the investment return - the entire surplus is distributed to the members. And with time this becomes a substantial supplement to your pension.