Rental of DIP's apartments is outsourced to DEAS

You must now apply for DIP’s apartments on Here you can sign up for the apartments that you are interested in. At the same time you will gain an overview of the criteria for choosing an apartment. When you have signed up for one or more apartments, you will recieve e-mails with offers for vacant apartments that meet your criteria. When you have created a profile, you must sign up for the apartments that you are interested in.

You can create a profile on

Seniority principle

Vacant apartmens are rented according to seniority, i.e. the seniority equals the contribution period. Members, who are covered by a non-contributory period, are considered as paying members.

Retired members earn seniority equaling the period of retirement.

Dormant members do not earn seniority.

If you have questions about your seniority, you must contact DIP. Alle questions related to the tenancy must be addressed to DEAS.

Practicalities when renting a DIP apartment

Your membership of DIP is only a condition when you move into the apartment. DIP neither can nor will evict you from an apartment if you for some reason are no longer a member of the pension fund. If you terminate your membership, you can keep your savings in DIP, and this way, you will still be able to apply for an apartment according to your seniority (contribution period). 

If you rent a DIP apartment, and you want to move to another DIP apartment then you must terminate your present tenancy after you have been assigned the new apartment. According to the Danish Rent Act, the term of notice is three months. DIP will try to rent out your terminated tenancy as quickly as possible, however, it will as minium cost you two months' rent. 

You do not have the possibility of prioritising your wishes. This is among other things due to the fact that  vacant apartments will be rented out as quickly as possible. 

When you have been assigned a DIP apartment, your first payment covers:

  • 3 months rent = deposit (owner's guarantee for the condition of apartment on moving out).
  • 3 months rent = prepaid rent (can be used for the last three months rent on termination of the lease).
  • 1 months prepaid rent (rent, heating paid on account, aerial contribution, tenants' representation fee etc.).

You will receive the first charge the month after moving in. 

When you receive an offer for an apartment

You must answer all the offers for an apartment that you receive - either with a "Yes please" or "No thank you". If you do not answer, your profile will become inactive, and you will not receive further offers until you have reactivated your profile. 

You can always visit and regret your choice WITHIN the deadline.